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Over the years we have used the sound-alike for the letter "G" that says, "God loves me." Many have written us to tell us their approval while a few have reacted negatively.  If our letter "G" offends you, let me say that I am truly sorry. One ham even went so far as to say that he uses his own mnemonic, "God damn it."
The bible is very clear about this issue, saying in Romans 5:8 that "God so focuses His love on us, so that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." "God loves me" is His message to you!
As we see the World crumbling around us let us remember the 1950's, before bible reading and prayer were kicked out of the schools, that kids were brought up knowing right from wrong. We lived in such peaceful times that our youngsters could roam the town all day long and we had no fear for their safety.  I long for that kind of Great America again.
I hope that as you learn Code Quick, you will ponder the fact that the Creator loves you with amazing and undeserved love. His desire is to help you make your life count with a sense of worth and fulfillment.  He wants you to spend your eternity with Him but must give you free will to make that your decision.
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<![CDATA[Deaf as a Post to CW]]>Fri, 26 Feb 2016 22:15:35 GMThttp://cq2k.com/add-your-thoughts-here/deaf-as-a-post-to-cwI went from deaf as a post to CW to a comfortable 14 wpm de W7JET Brian Mesa AZ
<![CDATA[February 26th, 2016]]>Fri, 26 Feb 2016 22:13:57 GMThttp://cq2k.com/add-your-thoughts-here/february-26th-2016If My Brother Did It, So Can I
My brother went from effectively zero to passing his 20 WPM test in six weeks. Dr Wheeler said most people could get above 13 WPM in a month. But it takes daily practice of 3 sessions a day @ 20 minutes each. I've never had free time. Maybe this is the year I'll do it. While code proficiency is no longer required for a ham license, it would be nice to be able to comfortably do CW contacts, as a lot of DX can only be picked up on that mode.
Brian Betz

<![CDATA[February 10, 2016]]>Sat, 17 Oct 2015 17:07:43 GMThttp://cq2k.com/add-your-thoughts-here/october-17th-2015Jerry,
I thought I would drop a word or two about the program. I really like using it.  In three days I have learned more code than I did in three years of trying to memorize code.  Thanks for making code fun.  I really appreciate the service and I am enjoying learning code for the first time.

Frank Davis  

73's to you  AE4FD